Canyoneering & Rafting in Montenegro

I’ve signed up for a long weekend of watersports through Much Better Adventures. Traveling to Montenegro, with some pitstops in Croatia and Bosnia.


4:30am, it’s my first time at Victoria Coach Station, crazy given I’ve been in London for twenty something years. Heading out to Stansted Airport on the National Express. Good place to grab an early morning coffee.

7:15am, made it to Stansted.

8:41am, all boarded, first stop Dubrovnik!

1:30pm local time, heading into Dubrovnik Old Town for lunch and to hunt down some Euro’s before the transfer to Montenegro. Weather update, cloudy and starting to think the raincoat is going to be put to good use.

1:45pm, and if I can find a barber I really could do with a haircut.

~2:00pm, I didn’t find that barber. But I did meet up with another person on the trip, then headed back to the airport for our drive into Montenegro.


We spend the day rafting down the Tara river, crossing into Bosnia for the launch point. There had been a lot of rain recently so there was a huge amount of water moving downstream.

There was a small hike in the afternoon, up to the Zagradje monastery.


Early start, driving down to the Nevidio canyon. We spent a good 3 and a bit hours down the canyon and a short walk all the way back upstream. It totally felt like we where in a game of Uncharted.


2:31pm BST, it turns out there isn’t so much internet in Montenegro. I’ll be turning this into a photography post instead. The views were unbelievable.


The Piva River

The Piva River, and one of the first times I’ve taken a vertical panorama.

The Black Lake

Black Lake in Montenegro, the reflections were surreal.

Canyon of the Piva River

Canyon of the Piva River, shot from a crossing on the E762. It’s even on Google street view!